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Different Mortgage Loan Types: There are many different types of mortgages --Its always in ones best interest to do some homework when considering a mortgage loan that,s right for you! Below is a list of the most commonly used mortgages and a brief description of each.

15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage : This 15 year home mortgage is for borrowers and lenders preferring a less than 30 year loan. This loan allows a borrower to save more on interest.

20-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage :
A 20 Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage allows a borrower to make consistent monthly payment for the life of the mortgage. The 20 Year loan allows you to pay off your mortgage quicker at higher payments. This loan allows borrowers to pay less interest over the life of the loan and sizable tax deductions.

30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage : a 30 year fixed rate mortgage does not change, payments do not change, and the loan is paid off in 30 years.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) :
An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a mortgage where interest rates and monthly payment fluctuates over time.

Balloon Mortgage:
A balloon payment mortgage is a mortgage that has a final payment that is larger than a regular payment.

Biweekly Mortgage:
A biweekly mortgage is an economical way to save money, build equity allowing for a faster mortgage payoff without refinancing.

Fixed-Period Adjustable-Rate Mortgages:
This mortgage has a initial lower payment and can potentially increase in the monthly payment over time, if interest rates rise.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage (FRM):
Your monthly payment is stable with a fixed-rate mortgage.

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM):
This mortgage enables older homeowners to convert the equity they,ve built in their homes into cash.

Home Improvement Mortgages:
This mortgage offers a fixed interest rate loan with no equity requirement.

Low Down Payment Mortgage:
This loan is designed for first-time homebuyers that lack lack of a down payment.

Reverse Mortgage: This mortgage is designed for older persons.

Rural Housing Loan (RHS):
This Mortgage loan enables low-income families to have access to loans.

Conventional and Government Loans: Any mortgage loan other than an FHA, VA or an RHS loan is conventional one.

FHA Loans: FHA loans have lower down payment requirements and are easier to qualify than conventional loans.

VA loans: This loan allows veterans and service persons to obtain home loans with favorable loan terms, usually without a down payment. In addition, it is easier to qualify for a VA loan than a conventional loan.

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